The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth short poem

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Oh the truth and nothing but the truth !!!?????

What way of justice?
does it say?
should always bring the truth out
why do they say then,
he be given the benefit of doubt?

who cannot prove his guilt???

and should he be always punished?
who cannot prove his innocence?

is it because?
The goddess
in her blindfold
is content?

I ask the GODS
why lies are not
taken and believed in?
when the liar is a man so poor
who stole the bread to feed his kin?

I ask the Gods
to give a thought
why lies are always
believed in?
when the liar is a man so rich
who killed his brother without a hitch.

truth kills when it spills
the ink on paper for all to read

If you were caught
and taken to onslaught
you would dread
when you recall,
that day what had made you fall.!!
Why oh why?
did I do that?
what made me tread?
where angels dread!!
was it because
my eyes were caught
by those hungry eyes?
a pleadin’?

why do you grind
an innocent mind?
and make him
finally break in.

And let go off
that rogue you caught!!
who had his eyes
when he lied
gleeful and so gleaming??

tell me
please tell me
God tell me
I am a pleading !!!!!

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Good feeling and good pleading!


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