Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal Symptoms short poem

My body racked with tremors,
In a corner I sit huddled.
The shaking will not rest
Till the demon in me is fed,
I long for the taste,
One taste would make it all go away.
My body yells its consent,
And fights my mind for control.
My delirium yo-yos my want,
I feel it on my tongue.
The taste of bliss, of freedom
From the chains of reality.
My body is spilt in contradictions,
Mind v/s the body,
Right v/s wrong
Good v/s bad.
My clothes are soaked with the struggle,
My eyes are awash with the pain,
My ears are ringing with arguments,
My body is spasming in vain.
I beg the demon to leave,
Yet my mind it controls,
This is what it feels like
To want to leave and return to pain
Even when It all subsides,
I will always live in its fear,
Of the feeling of bliss when it inhabits
Of the feeling of gloom when it quits
I live forever as its prisoner,
Of want, of need, of desire, of greed.
I will always experience withdrawal symptoms
When I purge my soul of this want.

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Andria D'Souza

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I come from a place of much fear and yearning. Yearing for that little extra that life has to offer which is just within our reach and fear that when faced with that yearning well withing my grasp will I ever have the courage to face up to it.Words have always been a way to make sense of the jumble within, it brings me clarity and makes things a reality. Nothing reflects me better than these words below.I stand watching the waves crash against the shore, leave back some things on the beach and take some things away with it. On and on tirelesslyit goes. "Stop it, stop it now!".But no one is listening. "Don’t take so much away, I'll have nothing left." The sea calls out, "But I’m leaving so many things back." Angry tears spilling over my cheeks I yell, "I don’t want what you have to give, I’m happy with what I have. Take away your so called gifts leave me back with what I had. Give me all that you took away from me, return what you had no right to take." The sea replies, "Not unless you see what I have left you". Strolling along the shore I find the mysteries of worlds far away at my feet, all within my reach. Think to myself I do, can I be mad for the old things been taken away from me when what I have always secretly hoped for is to have the mysteries of the world at my feet. I hear the gentle voice againm "Do you still want me to take it away?". "NO! NO!", escapes before I can control my words. The sea replies "That's what I thought". The sea drenches my feet and moves away digging my feet deeper into the sand.........
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Editorial Board

brave writing and starkly honest too..Conveys helplessness and angst so powerfully..Truly remarkable @Andria_DSouza!


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