Wait short poem

You may think I have given up,
But I only reached a hurdle.
The rare opportunities to work,
Have made me slow as a turtle.

Life has thrown it’s curves
In a way I can not change.
I do my best to work it out,
But it’s impossible to rearrange.

I will just have to wait and work,
On this road block I now face.
Which I try to do with patience,
For this is joy and not a race.

The passions that I have for this,
Have not died within my heart.
It is simply stirring in my soul,
Until this trail I can part.

So please don’t say goodbye,
For I have no plans to leave.
Please be patient and I’ll return,
There is no need to grieve.

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KS Kearns

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Writer, Poet, Artist. I am here for the chance of sharing my talents with people so they can enjoy my work. I have one book of poems, photography and paintings that is published, "Rambling Random Rhythms: A Book of Poems". I love being creative and I am excited to encourage others as well.
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Editorial Board

A verse about courage and fortitude in the face of adversity..very inspirational and such rhythm too!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

On the face of a high obstacle, we sometimes have to retreat a little to make a jump. The struggle is not all advancing. Strategy will need all types of action. Nice and bold rhymes. Go on.


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