The Sound Of Muzak

No matter the ups and downs,
Or the criss-crossing silver lines
With the shadows-
The clash of words and images
And the confusions that reign;
All drown when the notes play.
Fade away when the chords resonate-
With lyrics so true-
A lift from my life.
Wonder which is the precursor?
Music or the art of life?
In their strings,
Optimism bursts forth.
As I hear on loop-
Certain songs that bring tears-
Cleanse and purge out of purgatory-
The stuck soul.
The haunting leit motif,
Draws out inspiration from within.
To arise and rise-
Sanguine but wise.
To keep the faith and plough on-
March towards the blinding light
Letting the steps carry me over,
To freedom yonder.
Keep my belief in your love steadfast-
And remain unwavering in my decision of you.
Music gives strength to the chapped vision-
Re-instates courage to see beyond what meets the eye.
Mellows the storms within,
Keep calm and walk on.
As the wings soar high,
Letting the wind carry the lightness forth-
The loved face flashes by-
In its rhythm my life.

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A nice poem.


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