Stone sonnet poems

(Tribute to the Banished Silver Surfer – he is herald again)

Please tell Galactus, I can’t do his will
And shine like sap that drips from putrid pine,
Stare into space from some ingested pill
Or from a dose of biting swig or wine.

This barrenness is not my house; this moon
The dreariness that burns with freezing flames
Give me no counsel; I am a buffoon
For my heart’s proud yet can’t elude their claims.

Please tell the four to come and look for me
my self confined for all eternity.
The Judge is kindly but can’t feel nor see
My exile in this sphere’s anxiety.

My silver has turned grey, I sit alone
A flame that was, a free will lost, a stone.

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2 Comments on "Stone"

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Yesu Ben, I am not surprised with the brilliance of this. I have always expected it.

Editorial Board

A wonderful tale revived, the story of the brave Silver Surfer, Galactus and the Fantastic Four – This one is for all the comic lovers. wonderful Imagination and perfect form @bennydelacruzyahoo-com


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