The Key

The Key short poem

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Getting late on a wet and cold winter’s night, it was a quarter to eleven
We had been enjoying the festive holiday since ten past seven
Deliciously baked cookies were beckoning from the oven
Everyone hoped they would taste like manner from heaven
I would love to rise like fresh homemade bread filled with leaven

White snow flakes were falling and quickly melting half past eleven
Then someone said, “This old house is quiet”
As we embraced the stillness, the snow turned to rain
Moments later, so unexpectedly, another was smiling and started to explain
All who heard her speak, knew that they nor she would never be the same
“In a little while”, she said, a secret key will appear to unlock my unseen chains,
Freeing me from anger, fear, hate, hunger, and unbelieving pains”.

Furthermore, she continued to say, “I was never meant to build my nest and hide in a tall tree
I’ll never stop: I’ll never look back; I have been ordered to flee”.
With gracious eyes, she looked at me, as she tightly held the key
She said, “My wish is granted, and now I’m flying like a bee
Dreams can come true if we keep looking on high
By tomorrow, I’ll be soaring like an eagle in the sky

It will not be long before I reach my blessed destiny
With this key I did rise, set free from my cruel enemy
I have survived! I have arrived! No longer am I in agony!”

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I am a retired minister and the husband of Barbara for 42 years. We reside in Sacramento ,Ca. We have two sons and a daughter, and we are the proud grandparents of 6 children.
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The key to everlasting happiness..indeed! Beautiful writing:)


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