Nature short poem

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Ever felt the music in nature…
Chattering of birds in rhythm,
the melody in their voice
cool breeze blowing through hair,
resting in eyelids, whispering in ears
the sound of the flowing river,
spreading love everywhere
carrying every being together in the ocean
of faith and truth
The wind winsomely shaking hands with twigs,
leaves clapping altogether…
Nature is musical, tuning every creature
in the rhythm of love
Filling every heart with peace and amity
Feel this music, feel the bliss..
The gift is in such abundance,
that you won’t ever miss…

Poet’s Note –
A refreshing thought to recall the glory of the beautiful nature. In our day to day life we become so busy in living our mechanical life that we forget how to synchornize with the nature. This poem is a small attempt to recall the essence of evercaring NATURE.

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A simple soul.. with endless dreams
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