Gift Of God

Gift Of God short poem

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Throughout the night,
We were running here and there in the Hospital,
We both were tense and anxious
Because we were waiting for a new arrival
The person who was inside
Was someone’s daughter and someone’s wife
The seconds, minutes and hours
seemed to us years scrolling by
It was too heavy and pathetic
Our heartbeat increased in every second
Our nerves tightened as the minutes pass by
The screaming sound from inside,
Was heart breaking ,
Like an arrow it pierced into our heart,
But we knew, she is trying to gift us,
We waited and waited,
A fairy appeared in front of us.
She had a little doll in her hand,
HE was fair, innocent and charming.
The gift of god, my grandson.
My precious little boy
The medicine to reduce,
All my pains and tensions.

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ammu sachariah

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I was working as the head teacher of a high school for many years.I have written many poems in English, Urdu and Malayalam. But i never had the confidence to bring it to the public .Better to say, i never tried for it due to lack of confidence.Now i got a platform to bring myself forward.Thanks to the editorial board of high on poems.I enjoy reading and writing.
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ramakrishnan chatakondu

It is your own blood ……this doll……
Cherish it….nourish it…flourish it….till it blossoms inio a beautiful flower ……….
…………….just like you…….

Shamala Chandran

wondering birth of a baby girl….hope she bring you much joy in life 🙂


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