The Buried Secret

The Buried Secret short poem

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A string of colours attached together
What a captivating and lovely sight
To those eyes who see them as blissful oceans rivers and seas
But not to those eyes who know the truth
As the truth is not always the most assuring

As I stood before the glorious blue hues
Not seeing that they were a puddle of grief
Leaving a vague stain
A stain, not gallons of pure water
Can separate from the guilty cloth on the framework of the flaw full skin

Yet from that day to this
I didn’t know the truth
Until death greeted with a soft whisper of pleasant terror .
The question which troubled me had to be asked
Though the truth might not be so assuring

And he laughed
Hysterically to what I had asked
Which left me puzzled
As to what the truth might be
But inside I was greater terrified
As to how the truth might hurt me
And then he said it
After tears of mirth
And then I knew it
What I tried to hide behind my back
Was the key to the lock
The lock which had tried its utmost to hide all the actuality
The euphoria wasn’t so true
The grief of the seas were
As those proud and boundless oceans
Were tears
Our mother’s tears

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Prajvi Mandhani

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Hello! I am a 12 year old girl and an aspiring poet ! I am a fangirl and in love with Harry Potter , Percy Jackson and Hunger Games !! I am young so my poems might not be well polished but i just write my feeling on a piece of paper because i love doing it ! Hope you like my thoughts written through my poems!!
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Dark secrets hid in the beautiful and mystic blue waters? Why not? Very well-written!

Sukhman Singh

Keep it up pijjy!!(thumbs up)


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