Mirror I See you

Mirror I See you short poem

Mirror I saw you once,
You said I am a child,
Blowing bubbles with glee,
Inhibited, yet seeming wild.

And then I looked again,
I was an adolescent,
Aloof from the world
Hours alone, I spent

Time moved on relentless
With challenges, life surged
And again when I saw you,
Another of me emerged.

I clung on to the image,
And moved a little ahead,
Life posed responsibility,
In retrospect, I had conceded.

No time to meander again
Here I stand and stare,
Would you show me future?
Should I even dare?

The cycle of life changes
Harried, I never did realize,
But I hope to see you again
Perhaps, little more wise.

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Charu Gulati

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A quote to describe most of me : I am STRONG because I am WEAK I am BEAUTIFUL because I know my FLAWS I am a LOVER because I am a FIGHTER I am FEARLESS because I have been AFRAID I am WISE because I have been FOOLISH ....And..... I can LAUGH because I have known SADNESS !
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Introspection through the imagery of looking into a mirror called time “Mirror I See you”..Nice piece of writing @Charu_Gulati


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