She Is The One!

She Is The One! long poem

Good Morning Love..
What will you have for breakfast?
A pancake with just a tip of honey,
Get it fast, I have to go earn money!
Here you go, now eat up before the dog starts to drool.
Oh Jeez! there’s honey in my food,
I asked for butter, you don’t listen do you?
It was just this vague thing,
which brought the man to his feet,
And *Slash*
She fell down on the floor with a wound on her rosy cheek
And a scar on her heart.
She stood up quietly, said sorry;
And did the laundry without any query!
Evening came and so did he,
A tired and peevish face he held
And she understood that all wasn’t well!
On asking the reason to this screwed up face,
She was told to mind her own business.
She knew that look,
She had seen it before
And it wasn’t very nice to know that what she was thinking,
Was the answer for sure.
She went to him and asked him,
“Where are our angel’s college savings?”
He knew he was guilty of what he had done
And that she knew this time it was not the first time,
This he had done!
But his insecurity and ego didn’t shut him down..
Instead of being sorry, another way he found!
He started crying and shouting telling her the money is gone!
Thinking that she would get in a ocean of emotions
And in them defeated, she will drown!
She got angry and started telling him what a terrible father he was,
A dunce-like creature, he was,
She told him he was a worthless swine
And all that he knew was to slack
And whiff off everything she had saved up in time.
His complexes fell from his stuck-up cliff,
And made him look frail and sick..
But, a man is strong, He is the king.
No one raises their voice on a king! (Specially an insecure King)
So, he told her to Shut up!
And when she did not,
He did something which he later wished he had not!
It was fast, it was furious, It was a coal hot fiery Hit!
On the floor she went,
Yet, she was wounded again
But not scarred…..
Not this time again!
He was stupefied, he was shocked!
This was just a lesson to all who think,
It’s ‘OKAY!’ to be harsh!
Because people have forgotten,
What gave them this strength to conquer all!
Who embraced them with open arms!
Who stood by them, in every fall!
Who gave up everything so that,
They could stand taller in every war!
Who took the blame…
Who took even your CANE!

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I'm a 15 year old hyper, loud, foodie and a daydreamer! I am curious about life, I love writing and music is like breathing to me! I am a WILDFLOWER AND A WILDFIRE because I spread everywhere both beautifully and furiously...
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Shälû Vïrk

@ayeraa Very intense, very moving and very relatable. Well done!

Savi Mani

Dear @ayeraa felt the intensity of the poem, who gives them to very right to treat woman like this??? She is no doubt the stronger one …..taking in torture with all her patience, like mother nature….accepting the injury done to her but when enough is enough she shows what is her true strength …….
.nice poem, felt it was a real incident and it must have been,

Vishar Malik

This is one of the best poems..I’ve ever read..Its just amazing..Expressing your feelings into words is not easy..
Its good to have such a brilliant poetess as a friend.. Who has such great thinking..All in all it was a gem of a

Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

I feel extremely unhappy when I hear or listen to such incidents of harsh treatment to women. Although I have also heard of instances when women have stomped out of relationships unable to bear the torture and shame, many still continue to live with all the humiliations and sufferings. I wish they would revolt and teach the oppressor the lesson of his life. The poem brings out the agony and pain suffered by such women.


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