Perfect Body Image

She looks into the crystal clear surface of the mirror
An exhausted girl stares back with bland brown peepers
The delicate carmine threads interlace with terror
As she discovers she has become plumper
The cellulite bumping up beneath like little berries
She worriedly twists her arm over like a towel
Examining the damage of that extra few calories.
Now, we switch our lens away from the mirror
We witness the manifestation of vanity
An emaciated girl stares at her bony arm
She mistakes the pointed ends of her elbow for fats.
We can see the delicate structure of her petite frame
Her glow-less skin can barely suppress her pronounced cheekbones.
Someone tell me, is this mirror cursed or is it wicked
To ruin people like this.

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Emily Liang

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Semi-sweet and a little nutty. Introverted, socially awkward, but still easy-going and loves penning short legacies in poetry. Big on all things red, and passionate about music. Down-to-earth and enjoys short walks in mother nature's embrace. Smile people, today's going to be a great day. Try stuff you've never tried, go places, venture abroad and live a life you will remember.
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Shamala Chandran

mirror,mirror on the wall…. always a lair…should not depend ones life on what a mirror says.. we are all different, and no one is perfect..


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