Lord, I Look Up To You

Lord, I Look Up To You prose poem

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Lord, I am in a bind, for I have fallen behind, I’m in trouble and don’t know what to do, so Lord Jesus I look up to you. For Lord I grow weak and weary, in need of rest, so I turn to you to take away my distress, people say do this, do that, but when I do there’s always a catch.

Go here, go there, but when I do I end up nowhere. So what do you do when you don’t know what? You keep running in circles and stay in a rut, your friends turn their backs on you and that’s a kick in the gut.

Bad thoughts running through my head, maybe I’m better off dead, I’m starting to see red. They say pick your self up, get a grip, I’m trying everything I can not to flip, I pray to Lord, Please, don’t let me trip.

I need guidance, I feel so blue, so again Lord Jesus I look up to you. I’ve been through so much, but now my eyes have been opened because my heart you have touched. It doesn’t matter what they say, I know I am a beautiful spirit because you made me this way.

Now doors are starting to open, faces are becoming new, I know Lord I owe it all to you. For You are Lord, All Knowing, Kind and True. This is why Lord Jesus I Look Up To You.

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I once was walking in the dark , I thought I was living the life. Thank goodness for Rehab. They started to set thing right, It was there I found The Lord and and saw the Light. Now these poems I started to see and hear. When they come in sight I write. Thank You LORD. Now all the other, the past is, how they put it. Just water under the bridge. GONE. Never to return. Now I am Just a laid back kind of guy, Who's about to spread his wings and fly away to a brighter day.
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