Fate long poem

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I wasn’t impressed by her looks or stature
I never thought she deserves a re-look
I came to know my friend was interested in her
I teased my friend for falling for her
I laughed at myself for my friend’s folly
I took pride in making my friend lose interest in her
I had a last laugh when my friend finally said goodbye to her
I thought I had done a great service to my friend
I realised one day the girl was upset with me for plotting the coup
I began to feel guilty for breaking somebody’s heart
I wanted to apologise to her for my folly
I approached her for forgiveness.
I saw a very deep hole in her heart
I know I was responsible for the damage
I tried to repair her damaged heart.
I did not know during the course unknowingly
I had exchanged her heart with mine
I experienced loud beat of my heart when she was around
I felt my heartbeat stand still , when she was not around
I started thinking day and night about her and was sure
I had fallen in love with her, head to tail.
I had no guts either to tell my feelings to her
I suffered mental disturbance and emotional trauma
I had no alternative than to protract before her to accept my love
I was scared she would rebuke and boot me out
I was so happy when she smilingly said that she has forgiven me
I was shattered when she gave her marriage invitation and said “brother” you should not miss
I collapsed there and than and finally bid adieu to this world of emotional fools

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Ramapriya Nr

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I am a retired Engineer from the Government of Karnataka and now 64 year old. post retirement I fancied to write in 3 languages namely English,Hindi and kannada. I have written several poems,short stories etc and have published two books namely ""Tri bhasha Kritigalu and Rampys vision on lifes mission and now it has become passion for me to continue writing. I have also developed several software computer programmes covering Technical,medical and general programmes
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Savi Mani

Nice Poem Ramapriya ji, a person who tried to save his friend for falling for a girl who he feels is not worthy for his friend, in turn falls for her…himself……the love starts with pity and then develops to a strong feeling, but then the harsh reality that she never loved him …brings the poet down to earth, if i have to say one thing, i would only say that any relation should never begin with “pity” ……love begins with strong emotions and is blinding……….a loving heart often becomes the subject of mockery…….
ready your poem felt its a story being told and it made me smile towards the end……nice narrative poem……..

Savi Mani

sorry the last line of my comment should be corrected to read as “read your poem” …..


Fate indeed brings such unpredictable twists and turns in our lives! Well-written:)

Viswas Menon

@ramapriya_nr……Wow….so may “I”s…..

I recall …when in college …my English Professor used to say ….never start a poem with “I”….its not the done thing!!!

my…. he will turn in his grave …if he reads this wonderful work….

ammu sachariah

It was interesting to read the twist in love.


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