The Effect Of You On Me

In you I see strength, power
You standby to support me like a tower.
You make me laugh till my stomach hurts,
I don’t know how they can affect me they’re just words.

You hold my hand comforting me always,
Without you by me I’m a lost girl in hallways.
When I see you walk towards me in a crowded place,
I glow with pride and turn to you with a smile on my face.

You have a way to bring out the best in me,
It’s as if someone has set my troubled soul free.
No one in this world can be compared to you,
With every breath I take I know what I feel is true.

You give me hope and encouragement when I least expect it,
Making me feel good and cheering me up with your clever wit.
You know all my inner most thoughts,
You’re unlike the others, pas faux.

Everything you’ve said to me is printed in my memory,
You’ve helped lift the coating on my brain of emery.
You are the reason I look forward to each day.
I wear my heart on my sleeve for all to see as a proud display.

I want us to spend a lifetime and grow old together.
For I know there’s no chance for me to love another.
Be the first for my vision day and night,
I wait impatiently for the day our souls unite.

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Such a beautiful ode to a loved one…Awesome writing!


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