As I Walked Down…

As I Walked Down... long poem

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Do you know…I am already dressed in my shimmery trail of flow,
I am already adorned with the gold and shine, tip to toe.
My mother just put the red glittery shine vale on my head,
Shyly I stole my eyes away and couldn’t raise my eyes till the shed.

Do you know…My mother’s tears fell on the shimmer of my trail, I could see,
And I tried to search for it, to keep it safe in my treasure because she is the most precious for me.
But soon it got disappeared ‘coz my mother hid her tears behind her charming smile,
I know she is happy because it’s you, but still you are taking me away from her, far a mile.

Do you know…My father himself slid those bangles onto my slender wrist, he wanted to do it.
I controlled my emotions when he did that, but he couldn’t and it tore my heart apart, but I hid,
He took me into his arms and wanted not to send me away, never, ever, just like a small kid.
But then even he gathered himself and brought back that captivating smile and majesticity.

Do you know…My best friend, my soul mate, My Sister came running with my favorite teddy to pack,
She didn’t cry, but was happily upset to let go off me with you on a different track.
She has always been the strongest pillar, always right, inviolable, and as soft as a bird’s murmur,
She gave all the strength to all of us, but I was worried who will give the strength to her,

The pundit asked us to go to the holy place for the union wedlock,
And I thought as if I was choked right there and there was both a push and a pull, at the tick of the clock.
As my parents held my sides and took me there, I had a brain freeze and numb feet,
A gush of emotions and a memoir of life swept away the feel of the moment, and was there to greet.

Grew up sitting on my father’s shoulders, shared my mother’s laugh,
I couldn’t understand the feeling of my crying heart, saw my heart tear into two halves.
Asked God why he designed the world this way,
He answered, Oh my child! I did it so that you hold everything and not let anything to sway

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A family’s love is one’s true strength…here the parents and sibling provide the love and support needed to her on her most special day…beautiful!


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