Bells For Eveline Pt. 1

Bells For Eveline Pt. 1 short poem

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Eveline sits lonely by her window,
Gazing out to see the day,
Golden sunshine greets her woe,
She wishes she didn’t have to stay,
A gentle tear lands along her breast,
Cascading from her emerald eyes,
Like a bird departing its nest,
Eveline lowers her heard as she cries,
Hair dark as her mood lines tiny feet,
Lying down, she is now a friend of the floor,
Outside a woman’s laughter echoes from the street,
Inside, Eveline wishes to weep no more,
A church bell fills her ears,
The sound so pleasant in its ring,
If it could just be the only thing she hears,
So softly…ding….ding…ding

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I'm a student currently studying journalism at App state. Writing is my main passion in life and I currently am focused on writing a novel as my main project with poems on the side. Hopefully after an appropriate amount of time I will have written enough poems to string them together as part of one coherent theme and release a poetry book.
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There is a certain sorrow, a deep melancholy in this rarely found in other poems! well-written!


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