Forgotten Purposes

Forgotten Purposes short poem

And you with me sloped on a crested deep
Both swirled in garbs of eastern ochre hue
eye viewing eye – the scintillating view
to melt within and spring in wistful sleep.

The whiff of thawed out selves wilt, wane away
From rituals, poetries and little sighs,
Unspoken they arise unwise, baptized,
Leaving behind attires of broken clay.

A spark shall fly from shafts of roused up heights
A thousand miles through dark and timeless space
Some cogitations come to birth at last
A lover’s cagey grip fetching the night.
You may want to free me from my disgrace
But the key to my liberty’s been tossed.

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4 Comments on "Forgotten Purposes"

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Haha, my friend, worthy Petrarchan you have here. Shakespearean I do, but I also like this.

Editorial Board

Fluid poetry unraveling like the night you describe @bennydelacruzyahoo-com ..but it would be better appreciated if you could add a writer’s note explaining the context so that it is grasped in that reference by the reader.



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