The room was dark, creepy, full of dirt,
in which I sat with absolutely no mirth.
The door creaked open, and in he came, with a flame in his eyes,
a flame not of love, but a flame that I could only blame.
Such were those eyes, those eyes I can’t forget,
Blood-shot red eyes, piercing me  from within.
Panic-struck was I, didn’t know what to do,
Taking God’s name, was all I could do.
Trying to hold onto the last pieces of my clothes,
I tried to cling on to them with a feeling that still makes me loathe.
Slowly his hands started touching me, the hands which I felt like cutting off,
My body seemed to revolt, but my mouth couldn’t.
His hands dropped down to my bosom, and looked upon it as just an object,
Completely forgetting that there was the heart of an innocent girl within.
His hands journeyed down my whole body,
the body I so feel like giving up now.
How gullible was I?
How vulnerable was I?
That I couldn’t do anything to stop that man.
How helpless was I ? when even God couldn’t turn up to lend a helping hand!
And he inserted an iron rod while I kept writhing in pain,
I screeched and shouted, but it all went in vain.
He took out a knife, gave me cuts,
Only to rub salt on it, to make it burn, to make it burn, so that this flame could match his.
It rained harder and harder,
As I understood this world went from humanity, further and further.
Cigarette burns everywhere, I bore it all,
Even my mother couldn’t help who couldn’t see me hurt myself by just a fall.
No one knew, what I was going through,
but now they speak of things which are just not true.
Was it my fault that I got violated?
Then why should I  be branded?
My heart can’t bear no more, as no one came to help me during the days I cried,
No one never ever tried.
I escaped, on my very own, hardly being able to walk, I was deeply pained,
And  pointing fingers and hurling abuses are all that these people have been taught?
I laugh, I laugh to myself, to think what has happened to this world, it is so cold,
A violated girl has simply no place !
The victim was I, the oppressor was him,
the bearer of pain was I, the one who inflicted it, was him,
How then, how can it be my fault?
The marks in my body have not remained,
but the nightmares I go through, just don’t seem to fade away.
I lost all faith in God, give me one reason I wouldn’t?
He made us all, he made us equal, why then should I be  put through this all?
My questions will go unanswered,
as I have decided not to live here anymore.
I’ll leave the world, but I’ll leave this note behind,
which will speak for every girl who is disregarded,
every girl who is viewed just as an object,
every girl who is made  a symbol of disrespect in this society.

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Oleena Chaudhuri

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I am an eighteen year old, first year student of Political Science with Elect in St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, India. Schooled in Kolkata itself, from La Martiniere, I have always had an attraction towards Literature. I wrote my first book when I was fifteen, and currently finished with my second, yet to be published. Writing poems and short stories is one of my most favorite pastime, apart from singing and dancing(of which I have learnt four forms- Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Folk and Katthak). Currently trying to get my work recognized and build a strong base in the world of Literature. Do try and connect with me. Hoping to learn a lot from the other poets in this portal. :)
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Chand Ashish

Life ….must teach …..
Not to preach ……
Life ……must declare …..
The solemn care ……
Life ….always has something to unfold …..
so much to gather …so much to hold …..
You will be the ordained whole …..
You will be the blessed soul …..
You will reap the fruits of your pain …..
Your life will be all flowering all the gain ….


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