The Magical Beings – Humans

We do not know what we are capable of
we can reap all the obstacles off
we can build a big building
remember how an invention made us capable of flying
history has it we built the ivory symbol of unconditional love
we made beautiful stories of dove
our imagination made us capable of thinking far ahead
and we can see the beautiful heads
solving the mysteries of universe
with our mind we can go reverse
with our hands we make marvels
we can say our tongue is magical
what we say we can do it, it is practical
as we know we just have one life
so make it worth to survive
we are the magical beings
it can be seen by how our tree of life begins
we travelled from desert to glaciers
from rain forest to the islands
so we are the magical beings humans
make our life worth being human

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ambuja parameshwary

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My name is Ambuja Parameshwary ,I am a in home science ,human development as major in BMN college of home science in Matunga, Mumbai
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monica mundada

The unbelievable power of human!! Nice one


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