Distant short poem

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You brought me to this world
You fed me when I was not able to eat on my own
You helped me to walk, you helped me to grow
You are the one who is responsible for my existence, my being

Now many times you need me to feed you, but we are far
At times, you need my hands to hold, but they seem so far
God chose you to be my mother, but he created separate destinies for us
You were there when I needed you the most, but I am far
You will always remain my mother even if I remain far
I pray to God, not to remain so far

And I pray to God…

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sweety rajpal

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I am a daughter, woman, wife and mother in that order :) Trying to crack this code called life and aim to live happily ever after!
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Ramapriya Nr

Dears Sweety,
It is amazing how you could visualise the feeling of so many millions of hapless childern. It is very true we can never repay what our Mother has done to us. Your first poem itself is so deep rooted in thoughts I am sure you go places in the field of poetry. My best wishes to you and may god always be there on your side…

asoke kumar mitra

very nice, great ,passionate write………..I loved this


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