Stand Out

Stand Out short poem

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I don’t think
you should go
where everyone
has been before
Sitting on the fence
makes no sense
It’s either a yes or no

And I think
you should do
what no one
has done before
Blaze your trail
Don’t be frail
Be your own hero

I don’t think
you do say
what everyone
has said before
Have your own humour
No gossip or rumour
Whether it’s a friend or foe

And I think
you should think
what no one
has thought before
It’s about compassion
Legacy, not fashion
What you leave before you go

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A little about me needs some thinking am I a writer? an artist? I'm also good at singing I love the stage Don't think I look my age maybe I'm a trainer or a poet? but don't worry I am on it. :-).
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A very positive piece of writing. Enjoyed it very much.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

I don’t know how to appreciate……..
……..but I would like to see some more crowd in this comment column whispering you have huge talent…….


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