For The Marble Rocks I Sing

A Majestic stretch of marble lambasted the sky above,
While the river Narmada revered and whirled flow below
A sight so lovely beholding overpowers mind and soul
For this mighty sandstone wonder many ages old
Where Nature’s artisan carved lofty stone in layered rocks
The structure of spotless marble blazing in the sky
At the foot of the white mountains the holy river flows
And to caress sweetly and tenderly the virgin river waits on
Swelling banks overflow in wet seasons spread
As it outpours and laps the shore harder each time
Or to run deep inside as the rock climbs on and on
Blessed be those who see the holy river and sanctify
Sing praise of river’s tales in folklore many
Mesmerizing like Himalayas when covered with snow
The marble rocks just rise to unfathomed heights
Erect glorious pattern with sandstone in sky!
Bright, pure and divine glaring in sunlight
Showcase nature’s treasured illustrations so wide
It is brightest on nights when the Moon rounded and hallowed slides
Between white clouds in greying sky to hide
Simmering bright and chiseled like a maiden bride the marble shines
Marvel at a sight so praiseworthy on a moonlit night
Wonder how it all fell in place long last
Withstood wild ravages of odd seasons in the past
Rain, storm and icy winds, or melting heat
Of summers hot scathing rays to beat
Yet immortal and true it lives through ages long
For those who lived and learned to love it like one’s own
A monument with memories of years of bygone era
The rowing boatmen, bring to life tales of yore many a time
Childhood memories brim to surface time and time again
Steeped in history, mythical, romantic tales to tell
Mirrored images of simmering rocks in deep waters glitter
When the Sun rays strikes lapping water below
The silver colored fish move hither thither and glow
How sensual marble emotes a deep desire to hold
To bind the magical river on its wayward journey long!
At times through rocks the waters murmur and squeal
And then to fall from heights in gay abandon above
Together make many lively hoods to this day
It cares for our race, a token for its being!
To the land which once bore it painfully from its crest
The fabulous unique white rocks and the river flowing by
Lively yet so calm, we salute you with pride!

Poet’s Note:
The Marble rocks situated in central India is known for its scenic beauty. The holy river Narmada flowing in between the beautiful  white mountain of rocks is a heavenly sight to behold… and this is my invocation.

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