Growing up

Growing up prose poem

This morning at the town square, little orphaned children gathered to listen to stories and lies left behind by last night’s lovers.
On one of the benches by the fountain, one of the children, a little girl with a clogged artery, sat and watched boredom waltz by.
The candy store at the corner sent her a love message which the authorities confiscated.
The reflections on the moist road held no promise. There was no way out of their existence.
Surely they’ll all grow up to die one day just like we died when we fell for the banners and the advertisements
Some of them of cancer, some of drug overdose. broken heart- may be one or two.
No one dies of tooth decay. Those authorities, those fools need to be punished.
Give the child the bubble gum. Give that boy his all day sucker.
They’ve had their fill of stories.Give them desserts. Give them ice creams. Give them a name that’ll be their burden.
Show them the men who never fathered them. Show them the breasts that never fed them.
Show them the gates they never passed through. Show them the promise that was never made.
Show the children your love by turning away your face, by turning your pockets inside out.
Make clear your intentions, my love. The children are growing up fast. They’ll soon leave the town square.
And after listening to our stories and lies, they’ll want to come home with us.
Who’ll find them a teacher. Or buy them an insurance policy.
For now, let’s just hand them over to the television set’s remote control.

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Editorial Board

Welcome to HoP @Jasper_Daniel and what a wonderful debut..Such a thought provoking piece of writing especially for those who are parents..Thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing!


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