Childhood Days

Childhood Days short poem

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I miss my dear friend and childhood days;
Catching butterflies with sun’s rays.

I miss your pulling my pony tail;
Not doing homework and showing face pale.

I remember your being punished for my sake ;
Sharing even the last bite of pastry and cake.

I miss all the old jokes and laughing without reason ;
Occupying the window seat and enjoying the season.

My life lacks a little smile, a word of cheer ;
A bit of love from someone near.

Oh dear! When shall we meet again;
In thunder, lightning or in rain.

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Mona Jha

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Life has many twist and turns . Sometimes we are happy and cheerful and sometimes wan and pale , every time you can't express yourself in words then your work your writing can express you . That's why poetry is the best way to express yourself .
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Shamala Chandran

Nice thoughts, I was reminded on my childhood friends…happy times of life it was…

Laya Sarath

Childhood is a sheer replica of innocence ..isnt it… loved your lines..


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