Faces On The Wall

Faces On The Wall short poem

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Faces on the wall…
Are images of the mind!
Formed by faithless moments –
And of still born movements.

Flutter of the breeze,
In the silence of stiff leaves…
All seems like a faded horizon,
But still holding on to the hope of dawn.

Flit back to the wall,
And you see the pores,
Covered with the flakes of paint –
On the surface that speaks of the sore.

Can see the star – shining over the moon,
The cirrus has been forming for long.
Shapes of shades – that ruffle the wind
Before the waves crash into the spiral sky.

Images on the wall are still a dream,
Who knows what they hold in them
Flux of thoughts or the stirrup of the uneven stream
It’s all the same – when the lines merge to reveal the wall.

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