Called By The Environs

Called By The Environs short poem

Photo by Mayla Wind

I wish often, to be a free bird,
And swoop along the far-flung skies,
Flying high, cruising the worlds,
Lavish with engaging exotic aria.

Could I be perchance, that first rain,
That creates emotions, so light,
The earth enjoying the damp stains!
The skies twinkling with dewy pearls!

I wish too, to be an alluring flower,
The life of which is just too short,
Suave, in a bevy of flowerage, or bouquets..
Tranced whiffs nigh, allied with nature.

Oh then feel that golden sunshine,
Warming the time, banishing darkness!
That burns itself for human life,
Cheering their fruitful hustles!

Notice the flighty drop of ocean water,
Ripples, played by the wind, yet eternal.
Despite the calamities it harbors,
Life thrives wondrous, nether the waves.

I am though, just the humane human,
The fittest of all, the survivor.
Entitled hence, to philander with nature.
Who stays tolerant of my blunders.

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Swathi Rao

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A few words strung together on inspiration, or a few thoughts penned down for clarity. A hobby that has consistently matched to represent the inspirations in me. Most often, they are from incidents and trends happening around the world, books or articles that I may parse through, or some noble cause that had greatly impressed me. I have been writing poems, and short stories, since I had been 6 years. Music and poetry walk hand in hand; good music, good poetry shall always stay my favorite pastime.
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Meghana Joshi

Reminded me of Keatsian and Wordsworthian poetry! 🙂


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