She Sells Sea Shells, Not Her

Clad, tucking pallu
She covers her frame
Under sun, in rain
Beating the mundane

She rose above her man
When he cheated on her
Earning bread, raising kids
With spirits, undeterred

Covers her dignity
Albeit, a menial job
A smile on her face
Nudging toes at her own pace

Content, without a man
Efficacy, she possess
Selling knickknacks on road side
Not her flesh

Unwanted advances
Lewd remarks by men
Unaffected, she remains
Even when they condemn

She is a hero
Many would concur
She sells sea shells
Not her

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6 Comments on "She Sells Sea Shells, Not Her"

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Meghana Joshi

Celebrating the quiet but tremendous strength intrinsic to women. Loved it.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

I was worrying about my tomorrow ………….
If an uneducated and helpless woman can lead a life with so much dignity…….
………….why can’t I ? ……….

I wonder why people spend so much money trying to say something or other as message by making a film…..
………When the same message can be spread through a piece of paper by a poet like you ……

Nikita Mehendiratta

So good!

Viswas Menon

@saru_singhal……well written….point well made…keep it up!!!


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