Silent Rain

Silent Rain long poem

Photo by VinothChandar

…and we sat with drenched feet
Beautiful indeed an emotion silent and calm, yet blasted with a flush of happiness,
Sat together sharing the air and the soil, love and smiles were no less,
Embraced us the lint and shine of the dancing clouds, could see the redness even in the haze,
Beautified the drops of love, smiling red sky and the swaying trees, felt like a gift wrap with a white lace

…and we were still there with drenched feet
Bright were my round eyes, and so were his hazel shine,
Silently he placed his eyes on me and with no words claimed to be mine,
Though the dark sky had overpowered the space, but his bright scintillating shine lit the whole place,
I was stuck to the place and so was his gaze

…and we sat with drenched feet
Thunder roared around the open space, leaped around and stood to corner like a scared rabbit was I,
Instantly came my prince with a shining armor and saved me from the nature’s roar, and left me too shy,
Both shared the cool wind and the silent moment, had to say, but I hated that our hearts had to lie
But it was conveyed and both sat down again with a lit heart and just wished to fly, very high

…and we again sat with drenched feet
It was the drizzle that danced to faster beats and the drops flowing down from the roof to wet our feet,
There was a sync rhythm that our hearts played and the water sang that dropped from the roof,
There was the wet verandah, a silent thought and the heavy rain to greet,
Moment was making us high, and never had the intension to bid an auf.

…and we were still sitting with drenched feet
My dupatta danced to the tune of the sway and wetted it with the water on the verandah stairs,
He took a relaxed stretch aback and kept the gaze at me affixed which took me to different world of flairs
There were our fingers entwined and the eyes did all the speaking,
I wished to go dumb and keep listening to his heartbeat to be in the moment forever, hearing

…oh yes! We were still sitting with drenched feet
He has a different flair of trapping just with his infectious smile,
It gives me the strength to go ahead on a tired day for an extra mile,
He is a gift of God wrapped with the shiny lace,
I am just so entwined with him, in his blaze

…and we sat with drenched feet
Thud! The lamp shed on the rack lit the brightest spark into our life track,
We still couldn’t understand whether the spark was lit in our hearts or just on the rack
Hand in hand we took the step ahead, not to turn back, safely placed my head on his shoulder like a silken sheet,
And now we were actually drenched in love and in rain, walked on the same path our drenched feet

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