The Guests Are Here

The Guests Are Here short poem

World Wars, that should never happen… a poem on holocaust.

Oh, we know, we shall see it to some day…
The nights filling in, with such dread
Oh no, they just cannot get us, never…
We are safe in our small happy haven

Oh no, the stories coming in, are false…
How can any human cause one such remorse
And why to us, or anyone without any faults
We shall not think more, of such cause

Oh our little haven, seems quite in balance
Just keep us safe, till the times change
These are such contrite fearful times
And, we hope yet, to soon be outside

Oh world, please do lighten your thoughts
The trivial play of power, is at a heavy cost
Lets get back, to peace, and happier times
Where each smile shall be valued, has life

Oh, we are survivors, we have made it till here
Another day, when each moment lived is so dear
Oh Life, we all, so appreciate your grace,
Guard us, until the wars have stopped the race

Oh the knock, our dreams are flying away…
We wake up, to turmoil and such dismay
Our hearts in fear, yet our minds in stupor
Alas, finally the guests have arrived!

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A poet since my childhood, I have often felt that the poets perceptions may often be considered path changing, or society breaking. I have written several poems on controversial topics, some on historical events. The desire to publish these poems, stems from the fact, that indeed these poems have turned out most satisfactory.
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A long time since we saw you last @pincogs (Peidi) but the wait has been worthwhile..keep writing!



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