The Stars Are Breaking

The Stars Are Breaking long poem

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Have I been born of a curse; Rehearse
The station just burst,
A hole through it first;
So it is like to be at the mercy, of this jury decided on perjury.

A trial without annihilating the evil inside me,
That works as an object,
Frees itself from the stormy night,
At a height of reality, bouncing off the cages of facing monotony.

So I refused to tend down and take it,
This is the way you want me to face it,
‘Cause there’s no reason of this rhyme, no timing,
Just a beat to keep myself from whining and shining.

Out of the crowd like a star – glazed sky,
On height with the night just keeping us alive, for period of time.

I said the world is out to get me;
Leave me nursing these open wounds,
Like a prisoner of war, stranded inside this cell,
Nearly dead of disgrace it does not mean well.

This pain and this hate,
Lies within, driven by nothing but my own cursed fate,
So this shade, won’t last till the morning,
And this phase won’t make it to the mourning.

I was doomed long ago,
Only my spirit battled on, my body was worn and tired,
I admit it, I had no fuel, nothing but a cruel,
Face that coaxed me, to take revenge on my own maker,
That faker, who left me with this acre of troubles,
Left me alone so face them, with this fist ,
That’s all I have to break them.

But what is this fight, if not a game,
Of shame, a melodrama of name, but in the end,
All that’s left for me to do is say goodbye,
Stuff these pills down my throat and die,
‘Cause I’ve no further reason to live,
I’m not here to conflict pain or fear it,
I’m here to feel shame and deflect it,
Humiliated without a cause, there’s no applause,
As I sign off, because there’s no one to pause, or record
As I level my bows of fire ,
A little higher, than I originally aspired,
For there is no god, only me and you,
And a fight to do what we were meant to.

Before my time is over,
I shall have won, and I shall have confirmed,
The same bitter sweet victory that is ours.
For the taking, or else our making,
And I see the stars breaking ……. !!!

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I used to be an atheist, But then I realized i’m God and now work for money, For loyalty Hired a Dog...
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