Two Stars In The Sky

Two Stars In The Sky elegy

Photo by Lauren Treece

Two stars in the sky,
Play hide ‘n’ seek with me;
One, a little naughty, the other, a little shy.
Twinkle, giggle, vanish!
They love to play
They’re like the ones I bore,
But a little closer, a little more distant.
Nestled deeper in my heart,
Etched finer in the memory.
Doesn’t lower my passion for the ones that are close;
But a few notches up,
That’s what eternal distance does!
They play on my terrace,
When I’m fast asleep;
They brighten the walls
With a divine, heavenly glow.
I look for them when the sun is out,
It’s far brighter, much harsher….
Ah! I know.
When twilight lifts the curtains,
they appear once again.
Tell me stories, make me laugh and sing my childhood songs;
We chat, we joke,we dance…
they stay with me for long.
“Stay with me forever”, I plead with them,”Live here…”
Their light gets dimmer,
the curtains are aglow!
The blinding sunbeams barge in,
and my stars are nowhere!
My heart is squished, my soul gives out a rant.
Rolling down slowly, whispers a blood wrenched tear…..
The chase begins once more,
It’s peek-a-boo time, my dear…..
It’s peek-a-boo time, my dear……

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4 Comments on "Two Stars In The Sky"

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You are really a talented poet….another lovely poem frm you was a treat to read

Nikita Mehendiratta

@Shalu_virk You have a beautiful sense of enjoyment in yourself and art to put words together so that others could enjoy. Another beautiful piece.


Beautiful! *_*


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