Dead Poets’ Society

Dead Poets Society short poem

Photo by Dennis Valente

1959; was it?
Oh! I thought it was 2000 …
Welton Academy; was it?
Or was it St. Xavier’s College?
Todd Anderson or me?
As I pen this furiously …
My thoughts turning liquid
I feel so lost …
A character come alive
From the ghettos of oblivion!
Keating … No! It was Kapadia
Professor Rohinton Kapadia!
The soul who made me fall in love …
Oh yes! With English
With verses pregnant with romanticism!
Caves … We had none,
For we had the green benches
Where we sat oft,
Turning the yellow pages
Sniffing them delightfully
Reminiscing Kubla Khan
Empathising with ‘The Pity Of War’
Love for acting,
Well, I had none
I so longed
The WCM post …
My parents enraged
At the preposterous proposal
An ever-willing Kapadia
Silently encouraging …
‘You must follow your heart!’
As I watch the film
‘Dead Poets Society’
My soul, long dead …
Comes alive!
I’m what I am,
For your conviction in me!
You helped me fight my battles
You helped me emerge …
You understood my passion
And introduced me, to myself!

Poet’s Note –
Juxtaposing real life with reel life – St. Xavier’s College; Kolkata; India comes alive as I watch the film – Dead Poets Society!

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Meghana Joshi

An ode to great teachers who opened our minds to the beauty of words, thought and imagination! Great read! Cheers!


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