A glimpse at your beauty

A glimpse at your beauty prose poem

Nothing captivates me
Other than your intimidating eyes
Like they are meant to hypnotize
Sometimes mysterious, sometimes cheerful
Sometimes hiding the pain behind the moist
Yet perfectly beautiful are your angel eyes.
Just as if this wasn’t suffice
God blessed you with luscious lips
That kills the devil when you smile
Sometimes innocent, sometimes mischievous
Sometimes spreading smiles, across miles
I wonder if it’s the reason
Why so many wounded are still alive,
I wonder, lost in your beauty
And I realize it’s not those beautiful eyes,
Lusty lips, charming face or your charismatic beauty
It’s the heart of gold and the heavenly soul within
Those beautiful thoughts that create the heaven I feel.
I wish God takes my breath away
The moment I hug you tight
Because I want to be the one to live the moment I die.

Writers note: – ‘Kills the devil’ meant spreading so much love through the smile that it would make the devil die
‘Why so many are still alive’ was to point that some broken souls can be lifted with the touch of love (a beautiful smile)

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Touching hearts spreading love, caring and helping to restore the faith in love and humanity is important to me. Life is to live love and care in the end am just a soul on my journey and i want this journey to turn out to be the most beautiful of my eternal life.
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Editorial Board

A very vibrant piece of poetry @felixthefreesoul which pulsates with emotions. Nice!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Strong words! Just the kind needed in emotional outpourings. Don’t die, yours won’t be an undying love.

Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

A nice poem eulogising the human anatomy in charming words and spoken with feeling. It is worth waiting a whole life just for a minute’s hug, as you have rightly said.


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