The Angel

The Angel short poem

Love is all that she has
And giving it is her passion.
So beautiful, adorable and serene
Are her thoughts
And just so are her actions.
With courage she walks
And with strength she fights,
Not to hurt, not for right
But to prove
Love is neither weak nor docile
So sacred, pure and tranquil
Are her vibes
With her touch the souls heal
Spreading happiness
And inspiring souls,
She is
Gods own angel I’ve known,
Who hides her scars
Behind her smiles
Giving away herself for love,
Dying to bless the world with ‘hope’
The hope to make a heavenly world

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Touching hearts spreading love, caring and helping to restore the faith in love and humanity is important to me. Life is to live love and care in the end am just a soul on my journey and i want this journey to turn out to be the most beautiful of my eternal life.
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Beautifully wrought verse @felixthefreesoul full of pathos. For the benefit of the readers here is the Writers note: We all have such angel souls amongst us who are dying to make us understand that heaven is the world we create around us. Like everyone and me let’s not just sit and see, let’s hold the hands of the angels and let’s make this a heavenly world. Not to hurt, not for right’ here i meant the strongest souls are strong because they have the power of showing their strength without hurting and they need no cause or particular rights to fight for.

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Well-said about a heavenly inspiration. Superb enjambment.


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