Holding Your Hands

Holding Your Hands short poem

Photo by David N Cooper

Whenever I feel myself alone,
And I feel like I need you,
I just close my eyes,
And I feel like I am,
Just with you…
And so I can feel you in my heart beats it goes
And when I feel like loving you,
I just hold my hands together
And stretch them and feel like
You are dancing with me,
And the beautiful sense keeps me alive and makes me
Smile day and night
I know you are too far away from me
But the heartbeats in which you prevail
Make me feel you are just with me
And make me feel that you are in my life
And moving along with me
Every moment of my life I know
You understand me and miss me
And this very sense of yours
Fills my life with peace and joy
For ever and ever again…

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Nrj.Malvika Mandal

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I Nrj. Malvika Mandal, love to write romantic poems and poems related to human feelings. Writing poems comes naturally to me. My poems got selected in... Contemporary readers digest, NY TOP 100 Poems Anthropology 2014 Best romantic poems 2015 New England Poetry Journal 2015 Evergreen poems 2015 Poet's Showcase and Yearbook
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Physical presence so beautifully supplanted by true love and awareness…


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