Moving On

We laughed and We shared,
A friend, you were,
I knew I know you well,
Wanting you to be happy,
all the times you dwell.

Then, one day you said,
I was more than a friend,
It was different with me,
And I started to believe.
the dreams I saw,
of you and me together,
you painted them for me.

For hours we talked,
My feelings I showed to you,
knowing you will never understand,
I wept and I wailed,
For someone that was never mine.

You left me on my own,
to be sorry for myself,
You kept talking as nothing happened,
making me feel obtuse.
My heart burnt like a lamp;
A lamp with a little oil left,
Realizing your promises were nothing but a lie.

When I see you laughing with others,
I wonder why you don’t ask me anymore,
If I was ok.
I am fine now, trying to get up back again,
life is a brute sometimes,
but I don’t care.
I know love will dawn again,
This time not to leave,
But to embrace me the same way,
Like I want it to be.

Whatever happened between us,
Want you to know this,
Whenever you need a friend,
And you are ready to share,
I will always be there,
Like I was before to care.

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Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Very beautiful with powerful emotions.Thanks Susan for sharing it.well-done.keep writing.


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