Again short poem

Fell in love – again
Felt another’s love – again
Idolized someone- again
Blossomed long after the spring- again.
There won’t be pain – again
Will pleasure be sweeter savoured, rhythmic pounding pouring together with you in me dissolving- again.
Aah ecstasy- flavored with no firsts, no disappointments- again.
More than ever
Knowing myself and so leaving you to savour your joy in you with me – again.
Everything In life, and death –
Like a ringed rose
Slowly Unfurling
More beautiful

Lady Gregory
Yeats O Casey
Reading rehearsing
Salon lit wine
Will I turn away
Unsure – Now-
So close to opening up

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A phrase holds my hand and leads me to the completion of an idea. Then I love to read it out-- Satire with pain and pinch. Or I drift with it- into big skies and beautiful deeps. Its risky, you ve to test the waters... not needing to push all the time, but gently mastering the strokes. Love wRiting, love pOetising.
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Welcome to HoP @harishi and what a scintillating debut! It is going to be an enjoyable and fruitful journey we can see so keep writing!


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