We live amongst a sea of façades,

Of faces gone faceless and drowning

In beliefs that we, the fallen angels

Have somehow, some way become Gods.

We live in a world where on city streets

Litter becomes its own kind of hiding,

Footsteps buried beneath piles of man’s undoing,

These piles of man’s undoing burying the bleak

This is what our world has become.

And how are we Gods if we reside in Hell?

These devils have chased us, have left their lairs

Have learned to swim across seas that separate us,

Have learned to ride the wave, ride the swell.

Have you ever seen fire on water before?

If you haven’t, I implore

To remember that the seafoam is nothing more

Than albino ashes

And that darkness comes in many forms

And that shadows are spun of sunlight

And that we are not Gods

But faceless façades.

Drowning in seas of city streets

And avoiding our downfalls,

And in doing so

Creating a downfall of our own

That leaves us to drown

in ashen seas alone.

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Just another dreamer who wishes for her affinity of words to turn into a talent.
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