Boxed People

Boxed People short poem prose poem

During one of my procrastinating sessions,

I stumbled upon the similarity of people and boxes.

They all come in various forms, shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

The large ones, the small ones, the fat ones the tall ones,

the clay ones, the slate ones, the wood ones, the stone ones,

some moulded, some baked, some chiseled, some shaped,

some coloured, some rendered, some wrapped in velvety paper,

some transparent, some dark, and still others with locks,

Some with intricate carvings, some smooth and plain,

some lacy, some loud, and some other Ah! just so mundane.

And we, as people, are all of these,

Don’t you agree with me, on this?

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Disha Bafna

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A passionate interior and lifestyle product designer ,nurturing unconventional, ideas and projects, my tryst with writing began as a teenager and with every major chapter in life , my rendezvous with poetry got more profound. Poetry keeps me going , faith being the primary base of most of my poems. A person who strongly believes that every miracle realized and every moment well spent , makes life all the more alive. My poems are for those who want to just sit back and relish on the varied slices of life, one slice at a time... Love Disha
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6 Comments on "Boxed People"

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Shamita Dhingra

A very apt imagery….interestingly i also drew the same comparison when i was asked to compare myself to an inanimate object….

loved your poem

Jayshree Murali

boxed we are ! nice..

Abhi J

good analogy.. Yes, I agree 🙂

Joseph C Ogbonna

Wow, this poem reminds me a little of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift’s best seller.It is also somewhat very amusing.

Chandrama Deshmukh

Now that you mention, even I can co-relate this poem to Gulliver’s Travels 🙂


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