Phrases From A Jilted Heart

Phrases From A Jilted Heart prose poem

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I am me. No one can manage that , it’s difficult . I can’t be you as well.
You hurt me,I forgive you. There is no place for guilt and regrets in my soul.
I am raw. I am mud. I am sunshine. I am dark at the same time. Rarely I am grey.
I am deep and deep, for your shallowness doesn’t affect me. I am confused . I am firm . I love blue but red suits me more.
I can’t be wicked, for cunningness is a trait I didn’t inherit. Your beauty is unperturbed to me for your ugly heart overshadows everything else.
Genuineness and genius are the things I am working upon.
Time is precious and I keep losing it. Money isn’t in my dictionary. I can lend my shoulders for you to cry but I don’t need yours.
I cry in the rain, I smile in the day. You can never know the other side of me because there is no one beneath me.
I don’t compete since I am running alone in the race.
You are good but I need better.
I am a good listener. Your secrets can lie safe with me because they aren’t interesting enough for me to discuss it with others.
I don’t care if you dislike me . I wasn’t born to please you anyways.
I may not know what you know. But I am a good learner. I am not perfect . I burp when you are present and I fart when you are not.
You say my eyes speak a lot but pity you don’t understand the language.
You say I am stubborn. I am .
You say I am short tempered . I am. For patience is not my asset.
You may defeat me. I am not afraid of losing.
I love eating and you shouldn’t have a problem since you aren’t paying for it.
I am free-spirited. I deserve more than I desire. I have a good memory but I prefer to skip you from it.
If I send you a message that always doesn’t mean that I am remembering you.
I get bored easily. For you aren’t interesting enough to keep me engaged.
I want to make it big . Just like you. Only our paths are different. I am walking in the opposite direction . If I am not able to succeed in this lifetime . I am not afraid . I want to be born again and try. Never to say die is something I believe in.
If I could travel back in time I would change the moment when I met you.
You said you would never leave me , but you ran away and left the place broken. It’s my fault. I expected from you .
I love walking. I love to read but I can never read minds though. I don’t believe in destiny. Because I don’t need it as an excuse for my incapability.
You copy me. I don’t mind. People are not born original anyways. I am non – violent, I believe in peace. Though I may kill you if you invade my privacy.
You mock at me I don’t mind. Your intelligence is my common sense. I am a phoenix bird. I am born from my own ashes.
I am lazy and messy. I am a loner. My secrets would die with me and I guess yours too. I can never take revenge from you . I am not a mastermind. What I can do is pray for you.
I love you.I adore you. But I can stay without you forever.
For I was born alone.I walk alone.

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A development professional at work. I started writing poems right from childhood. Then came a phase of writing prose. Well functional with English and Hindi , can write easily in both the languages. Someday want to write something so beautiful that 30 years after i ham gone someone reads my work and say"wow". The search for the feelings and words is on.
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