The Ballot Sheet Of Mine

The Tainted that makes me abhor, The Torn I cringe at
The Sick whom I repugn ,The felon I condemn
The sinister I ward off, The corrupt I agonize
Are the souls of the ones , Oh surprise!
I give my assent ,
On The ballot sheet of mine.

Oh Pathetic me!
Do I know not, the weight of this small sheet?
Or do I see not
The fate of the country that awaits
After this ballot sheet of mine,
reaches its terminus …

if only I had the prudence ,the insight
to tell apart wrong and right
But it’s difficult . . .
Too difficult to resist
The bribe of bliss,
though momentary.

So I choose
The tainted, the torn
The sick, the felon
The sinister, the corrupt
Again and again . . .
On this ballot sheet of mine.

Poet’s Note –
It is basically a satirical write-up. Ridicules the routes taken up by the contenders in white’ kurtas’ to boost-up their vote banks, and moreover, the examiners-the people- who allow it to happen!

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