You Are The One…

You are the one, who makes me laugh,
You are the one, who makes me cry,
My heart throbs for you,
My soul longs for you,
I desperately need you by my side.

Through summer, through autumn,
I need you by my heart’s bottom,
Lovely were the days when you and I were together,
Sharing our times through every weather.

Lonely are the days now,
Beautiful were the times back then wow!
Restless are the nights now,
Keep me awake why and how.

I’m waiting and waiting by dawn,
The wait is tearing my soul apart,
I want you to come and hold me,
Love me, scold me and never depart,
Because you are the one who makes me laugh,
And you are the one, who makes me cry,

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3 Comments on "You Are The One…"

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Nikita Mehendiratta

🙂 Nice poem.

asoke kumar mitra

very good write, simple but very deep in thoughts.


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