The Golden Cage

The Golden Cage short poem

When tears rolled down her cheeks
He came close and asked what’s wrong,
She tried to hide the pain and whispered I am tired
But, failed to let him know they can’t go on.

The burden of family pride she carried,
Lived a loveless life though she was married.
If she spoke her heart she would be defamed,
If she tried to reason only she would be blamed.

Living a life of a caged bird,
With beautiful wings, but, independence curbed.
Aesthetic value she did add,
But voicing her thoughts was indeed barred.

With the passage of time, tears dried,
The aspirations to soar the skies died,
With dignity, fake smiles she carried,
“This is my life… I am married.”

( a subtle take on caged life burdened by societal norms)

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Editorial Board

@Nazima_Kachwalla a very empathetic piece of verse, so true for so many lives..Written with simplicity, which is your trademark, but with so much finesse.


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