The Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree long poem

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There was a Cherry Tree,
In our house at Number Three;
It was a variety from Singapore,
Presented by a friend, now no more.

On the western side of our house,
To be away from the straying cows;
It was planted—a sapling, rare,
And nurtured with ample care.

Soon with shoots it grew tall,
And was high above the compound wall;
Pride in us did surely swell,
To behold the tree growing so well,

Its branches now did spread and sprawl,
And to the next house too it did crawl;
Its shade permeated through to the hall,
And ushered in cool breeze to us all.

The white blossoms of the cherry,
Drew swarms of bees—so merry,
Raw green cherries then popped,
Which turned bright red and dropped.

The green tree with cherries so red,
Was like an ornament with rubies studded;
It was sure a splendid sight,
Even in the glow of the moon-lit night.

The cherry fruits tasted very sweet,
Though for some it wasn’t a treat;
To crush a fruit ‘twixt your teeth’
A current of joy ran underneath!

Many were the children of the street,
Who vied for the cherries so sweet;
They’d climb the tree, up to pick,
And fill their pockets till they were sick.

The crows would claim the tree their own,
And feed the nestlings with cherries grown,
Dawn would hail the cuckoo’s spree
With its sonorous call from atop the tree.

Under the shade of the cherry tree,
On the landing of stairs, with glee,
I’ve oft with it mute communion held,
And there, have many a poem, spelled.

This Cherry Tree, so much prized,
After eight years was much disguised;
Alas! It lost its branches and was browned,
With out-stretched limbs, to be razed to ground!

The Cherry Tree is now no more,
As I pen this, I miss it as ne’er before;
But to eye its photograph, my heart does leap,
And a warmth in me does truly seep!

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I am 74 years old. I commenced writing poetry at the age of 25. For some years there was a hiatus and I resumed it just three years back. I have written more than 350 poems so far on a variety of subjects. I am a graduate, retired as a Senior Section Officer (Accounts ) from the Integral Coach Factory / Chennai /India ,which falls under Indian Railways. My main interests are reading, writing poetry,listening to Carnatic music, besides being a home-maker. My poems have been published in many Poetry Magazines and the Inter-net. I am a member of the Chennai Poet's Circle. My husband also retired as O.S. in Southern Railway /Chennai /India and is a Social worker. I have four children and am a proud grand mother of seven grand children.
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Saurin Desai

beautiful, such vivid imagery created by your words

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Very beautiful and sweet poem as sweet cherries.very enjoyable.thanks.



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