Shadows short poem

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The memories are closing in
I fear there’s no escape.
The things I said and things I did
Follow me like shadows.

A curt remark, a smart retort
I thought I was so clever.
How many did I hurt
While thinking of myself?

Never look back to see what you did.
Tomorrow is all that matters.
Hurt feelings, broken hearts, no problem.
I had myself to think of.

The years have passed me by.
I’ve grown and put ego aside.
Now how do I apologize
For the pain I left behind.

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Randall Smith

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Not from anywhere but from everywhere Germany, Korea, Viet Nam, USA, Army Veteran, Germany 1966-1968, Viet Nam 1968-1969. Two kids and bunch of grandkids. Enjoy my Roses, fishing and card playing. I may not write for several months and then I can not stop for several weeks. I have notebooks with 4 or 5 lines only, waiting for me to return.
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ammu sachariah

As a human being you might have hurt many people knowingly or unknowingly. That happens in every body’s life. Past is past. Think of a happy future.

Saurin Desai

wonderful… reminds me of a poem I’d written which has a line, “all I own are regrets”.


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