River’s Bend

The rising waters envelop me,
Frothing and bubbling around,
Rushing towards the unknown,
Seeking a final resting place.

I try to move against the tide,
But rivulets pull me resolutely,
Like a mother dragging a child,
Through the heart of a madding crowd.

I feel my life force being drawn,
Merging with the river current,
My soul grasping at the branches,
That spread like capillary veins.

The amorphous mist ascends slowly,
Escaping from the ebb and flow,
I wish to latch onto a tendril,
And vanish into the marshy miasma.

But I surrender to the mad tides,
Hoping to find peace as they do,
But I feel a change in the tides,
And I see the bend in the river.

Fortuity comes in strange ways,
Like the river’s bend that day,
Gently cradling me from the flux,
Like a mother shielding her child.

Poet’s Note:
This poem uses the river as a metaphor for life, with its unexpected twists and turns. And like life, there will also be moments that you can treasure.

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Lakshmy Menon Chatterjee

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I am a writer by profession. In 2014, I decided to rekindle my desire to write poetry. And I also published my first book of poetry in October 2014, called "The Fourth Monkey: Poetry With A Purpose." I continue to write poetry whenever time permits. Meanwhile I am also working on my first collection of short stories.
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Saurin Desai

truly life flows like a river… wonderful

Vinu thiruvattar

Oh beautiful poem with lot of imagery. nice metaphor….

Vinu thiruvattar

Oh beautiful poem with lot of imagery. nice metaphor…….

Geetha Paniker

Loved the flow of the river. Beautiful.


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