Society Today

Society Today short poem

What society are we living in
so much of evil and hating
for a female it has become an unsafe place
no more respect so much disgrace
do we need to lock ourselves up
and not show our faces or we would be torn up
by the looks, the actions or the crimes
against us without thinkng twice
we need protection and security
to calm our fears and worries
the headlines that come up everyday
how can we have let the society go astray
we only hope and pray
one day we can eradicate it all and make it go
rape is a serious crime
reputation and dignity of a woman is more
expensive than a mere dime

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Shirley Shallam

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Currently pursuing LLM from National Law University Jodhpur. Has a Bachelor Degree (BALLB) from North Eastern Hill University, Meghalaya. Born and brought up in the beautiful and astounding state of Meghalaya mostly known as 'Scotland of the East'.
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Keith Wilson

Thank you for sharing such a painful but sadly real poem about the inexcusable abuse of women that occurs in our world. In response I have written “The Heart Of A Male Romantic” in hopes that love and enlightenment can instill some hope for men to cherish the gift that women are in this life.

Monali Longmailai

beautifully expressed, Shirley!


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