On This So Cold Night

On This So Cold Night short poem

Photo by LyndaSanchez

On this so cold night
Laying alone I ponder
How warm the bed would have felt
With you having in here.
Your legs wrapped around mine
Spooning, curves settled so perfect
That’s why it’s said
“made magically for each other”.
Your heartbeat I hear like sound in shrine.
Pressing my skin tight to you
Nuzzling in my hair a ecstatic goodnight,
A dreamland to journey together
Closing our eyes
Love wrapped in arms
Warming up in cuddle in duvet
On this so cold night.

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Avneet Kaur Chawla

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Everyday is a learning, I am trying my best at it; Everyday is for writing good, hand on it as well; everyday a new thought, you will see in here :) .
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