Our own little world of words
where we write and we read
where we talk and we listen!
Until all the dark turns to a light that glisten!

Sometimes I do feel,
There should be a door,
That I can open up after just a little knock
But, again I don’t want to fall on floor!

Am happy in my closed room, with no door
No knocks, no opening , no bait, no floor

At least I know, am all warm and safe in my CLOSE
Doors have twice hurt me, pieces so difficult to Compose

Doors have always been alluring, it’s so good to breathe in OPEN
But I got a diary here inside and am glad It knows all the suffocation, all the BROKEN

Open does not know a thing about me, sometimes a little
My diary knows it all, and I know ,to me it will never belittle!

I have always wanted to knock, i have always wanted to breathe!
But my diary is so close and warm tucking me like that sheathe!

And here I am with my diary happily in my closet
Swimming with beautiful words, though I don’t write a sonnet!

Poet’s Note:
This poem is about a person, who is very closed in himself, who is not an introvert, but who does not open up his thoughts, as he does not find like minded people to open up to. A person who is fond of writing and being close with his diary. The rest I leave up to you to read and know 🙂

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Definitely words are the most relied upon medium for introverts…words with their diaries:) Amazing!


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